Sunday, June 9, 2019

How to bypass Banned Accounts on Whatsapp

Hi frends. to day i will ashow you how to bypass temporarilly Account banned from whatsapp

if your using whatsapp plus,Fm whatsapp, whatsapp gb or yowhatsapp you may have this ploblem or it may came later.

So now am going to show you how to bypass it.

1. After banned message appear to your phone you need to go to your phone Settings => Apps=> Then tap you Whatsapp =>clear data.  After process complete make registration again which make whatsapp server to detect your number changed from previous whatsapp and now using original whatsapp.

After registration complete remove feature like Hide view status and more.

But user of yowhatsapp v7.95 now no more banned from whatsapp you can use it.

Download Yo whatsapp v7.95 Below


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