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Change Virtual dj 2021 Skin TO Serato dj pro Skin AND rekordbox dj Skin

This in this tutorial am going to show you how can change your virtual dj skin to serato dj pro skin
This process works for virtual dj 8 and virtual dj 2020
Follow the following steps:
1.Download serato dj pro skin from here or here for serato dj 1.9 

2.If your windows user go and paste into C:\Users\computer name\Documents\VirtualDJ\Skins 

3. Now Close your Virtual dj then open it again Virtual dj  enjoy.

This video below show you all process you can watch and follow the process

Download Skin for Virtualdj 8 and 2021 here 

Download Skin for Virtualdj 8 and 2021 here

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