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Iobit malware fighter

IObit Malware Fighter has a freeware version, which can run alongside the user's existing anti-virus solution. In the paid edition, the product comes with anti-virus protection. As of version 6, released in 2018, the product includes the Bitdefender engine in its commercial version, along with their own anti-malware engine. New features of the latest release include improved user interface, "Safe Box" feature to protect specific folders from unauthorized access, "MBR Guard" that protects from malicious attacks such as GoldenEye/Petya and cryptocurrency mining scripts.

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When you install an antivirus utility, you want something tough, able to beat down even the worst malware. IObit Malware Fighter Pro certainly has a tough-sounding name, but don't be fooled. When it comes to the essential task of defending against malware attack, this product simply didn't perform in our testing.

One IObit license runs you $39.99 per year, the same as Bitdefender, F-Secure, Trend Micro, Webroot, and others. Admittedly, it seems to be perpetually on sale for $19.99. Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and others charge $59.99 for a three-license subscription, which is a good deal. But McAfee AntiVirus Plus beats them all on price, charging $59.99 per year for unlimited licenses that you can use on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

IObit Malware Fighter’s Paid Features

IObit Malware Fighter Pro has some more advanced features, like a safe box. When files are put into a safe box, they can only be accessed with the set password. By limiting the access to these files, IObit can keep them safer from malware and prevent ransomware from encrypting your data (here is our breakdown on what ransomware is).

Further protection from ransomware comes from IObit Malware Fighter Pro’s dedicated anti-ransomware engine. This protects all of your files from being encrypted if ransomware gets into your system. You’ll have the option to choose which file types are protected by the anti-ransomware engine, but they are all enabled by default

IObit Malware Fighter’s pricing structure is definitely simple. There’s a free version and a paid version, Pro, which gives extra features and greater security. There are options for getting the Pro version for three PCs instead of just one, but only through temporary deals offered inside the desktop UI. Using IObit Malware Fighter Pro is definitely better than the free version.

Access to the Bitdefender engine through Pro gives IObit Malware Fighter protection closer to some more expensive antivirus options, as you can see in our Bitdefender Antivirus review. However, Malware Fighter Free provides only IObit’s own anti-malware engine, so there isn’t a backup if the engine doesn’t detect any viruses.

Other security measures that are made available to Pro users are a camera guard and a USB disk guard. By using a camera guard, IObit prevents anyone from accessing your computer’s camera without your permission. A USB disk guard will automatically scan for viruses hiding in a USB disk when you plug it in.

The antivirus’ low pricing of $19.95 makes sense when you find the collection of additional applications that IObit tries to sell alongside its Pro plan. This does give you the benefit of choosing which features you want to buy, but you lose the affordability that makes this antivirus a good value.

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