IObit Uninstaller 10 PRO WITH License KEY latest 2021

IObit Uninstaller 10 PRO  WITH License KEY latest 2021

IObit Uninstaller 

IObit Uninstaller  is a perfect software uninstallation tool. It provides an easy and secure way to thoroughly remove unnecessary programs, Windows Apps, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and malicious/ads plugins, giving you a clean PC and a secure & smooth online surfing experience.

Several powerful new features are implemented in IObit Uninstaller 9. New Install Monitor detects and logs changes made to your system during a program installation, which ensures all changes can be fully restored when the program is no longer needed. New Software Health helps optimize all installed software to make them run smoother and also reduces security risks. Moreover, users now can directly check ratings for Windows Apps, which helps them better understand apps and decide whether to keep them or not.

If you need a program that lets you cleanly and completely uninstall applications, fire up IObit Uninstaller 6. This free utility makes it a breeze to delete apps, including stray files that are often left behind when you use Windows to delete software from your hard drive or SSD. Competing free tools, such as Comodo Programs Manager and Revo Uninstaller, perform similar functions, but IObit Uninstaller bests those rivals with its community-based suggestions and ability to remove annoying Web browser toolbars and plug-ins. In short, if you use a Windows PC, you should download IObit Uninstaller to uninstall applications.

What It Does
Windows' built-in Programs and Features uninstaller lets you remove applications, but it has two issues. First, it only lets you remove one application at a time, which proves tedious if you want to uninstall lots of software at the same time. Second, the uninstall process often leaves behind junk files that may affect system performance. IObit Uninstaller, on the other hand, lets you queue up multiple applications and remove those stray files.

IObit Uninstaller 10 PRO  WITH License KEY latest 2021

Overview of IObit Uninstaller features

IObit Uninstaller Free

  • View all programs or filter them by bundleware, recently installed, large programs, or infrequently used
  • Select multiple programs for removing them in bulk
  • Automatically create a system restore point before uninstall and remove residual files
  • Find out how much free disk space you recover by uninstalling the selected programs
  • Use Install Monitor to detect and log system changes during installation to make sure the previous Windows state will be restored after software uninstall
  • Keep your important programs up to date
  • Remove toolbars and plugins from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome
  • Uninstall unwanted Windows or third-party apps to improve the performance of your computer
  • Supports light and dark UI skins, along with multiple UI languages
  • Set up a hotkey to run the easy uninstall mode
  • Send leftover files to Recycle Bin instead of permanently removing them from your PC
  • Create an ignore list to mark possible bundleware as safe and exclude it from the uninstaller’s scanner
  • Get notifications when bundleware and malicious plugins are installed, software updates are available, or when the free disk space is below 10%

IObit Uninstaller PRO

  • Automatically delete leftovers after removing the program using the Windows or another uninstaller
  • Turn on automatic software updates

IObit Uninstaller FAQ

Is IObit Uninstaller malware?

No, IObit Uninstaller is a legitimate program that can help you thoroughly remove other applications from your PC. However, the fact that it offers to install third-party software can be seen as malware behavior.

Is IObit Uninstaller free?

Yes, you can use all IObit Uninstaller features for free, except for receiving auto-updates and auto-deleting leftovers after removing programs with other uninstallers. To benefit from those two extra features, you must upgrade to IObit Uninstaller Pro.

What is the best uninstaller?

IObit Uninstaller is at the top of our list when it comes to the best uninstaller software for your Windows PC. However, if you want to get a second opinion from other similar tools, we suggest giving a shot to Ashampoo Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, and Wise Program Uninstaller, among others.

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