solve all microsoft net framework required and blocking issues [FIXED]


Whats is Microsoft net framework

Microsoft net framework

.NET Framework is used to create and run software applications. .NET apps can run on many operating systems, using different implementations of .NET. .NET Framework is used for running .NET apps on Window

Hi..!! You may want to make the installation of the netframe work and you get the message as it appears on the top image. Join me and go to solve your problem.

First You Need To Download Microsoft net framework Extracted Mode From the Link below

 Download Microsoft net framework File BELOW


Follow instructions given in the file or Below

After installation Now Microsoft net framework it work fine. If still not Work You need to do Some Setup for Microsoft net framework in the registry. So Follow this Instructions also can found in the folder File.

1.Press window key + R to open RUN

2.When Run start continue typing  regedit  then press Enter

3.Registry Editor will opened  Go to folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then folder SOFTWARE then MICROSOFT then folder .NETFramework

4.Right Click  .NETFramework  go to New=>String Value like shown on image below

5.File named as New Value #1 will be created  Right Click  it then rename to InstallRoot

6.After remaned Double click InstallRoot then  Edit String should be started go to Value data put link LOCATION where Net framework Folder installation found IT MAY BE IN: (C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework) or Click here like shown in image below:

To copy press Ctrl + C on the Keyboard.

7.Click OK

8.If  InstallRoot looks like shown image below  Netframework blocked issue should be solved.


Up to there Microsoft net framework Blocking Issue  will solved.

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