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AVG Pc TuneUp 

AVG TuneUp is a digital toolbox that improves your PC's performance and tosses in some handy bonus apps, too. Its pure speed enhancements rank aren't the very highest in our testing, but its benefits go beyond raw numbers.

If there's one thing we've all experienced as Windows PC users, it's the inevitable degradation of our computers. Our machines get bogged down with junk files, registry issues, fragmented hard drives, and other computer-related ills. Fortunately, a utility like AVG TuneUp can deal with these issues and give your PC a jolt of new life. Certainly, several AVG TuneUp features duplicate some of Windows 10's built-in tune-up tools, but the application is worth a purchase for those who want a simpler way to improve how their PCs operate.

AVG TuneUp has over 40 built in tools that can help you optimize your PC’s performance with minimal input.

AVG PC TuneUp lets you gain more speed with less crashing, a longer battery life and more disk space, whether you choose automatic maintenance or want to take a more hands on approach. It keeps your computer at peak performance with its patented flagship feature Sleep Mode, which stops all resource-draining programs from slowing down your PC.

Live Optimization works silently in the background, constantly prioritizing all the applications that are running to increase responsiveness of your work and games.

In addition to existing Economy Mode, there’s Flight Mode. Both features significantly prolong battery life, which is invaluable when you’re on the go.

AVG PC TuneUp runs via the ‘AVG Zen’ network, which allows you to remotely manage all your registered devices from single intuitive management screen. With the new ‘Automatic Software Updater,’ AVG PC TuneUp now gathers updates automatically as soon as they’re released, so all new features and improvements are automatically installed without the need for manual installation.

With AVG PC TuneUp can easily free up more disk space, thanks to new Disk, Duplicate, and Browser Cleaners. New for 2017 is the Automatic Software Updater, which checks and scans popular programs for the latest updates and installs them automatically.

The Tune-Up Tools

Like Iolo System Mechanic and many other tune-up utilities, AVG TuneUp contains a digital toolbox containing many performance-boosting applications. There are far too many to list here, but I'll highlight a few standout features.

One of AVG TuneUp's numerous features is Sleep Mode. It works by identifying software that has lots of startup items or processes running in the background and puts them to sleep until you need them. It's designed to alleviate the resource strain put on your PC and keep things moving at a brisk pace.

Browser Cleaner and Disk Cleaner have been a part of AVG TuneUp for some time now, but they're now improved to better clean up your hard drive. You see, as you use your computer, the machine can build up leftover temporary data files that can impact browser and general computer effectiveness. These two apps, between them, delete those useless files.

New to AVG TuneUp is Software Uninstaller, an app that removes bloatware, toolbars, and other unnecessary programs. Like Slimware Utilities SlimCleaner, Software Uninstaller leverages a cloud-based rating system—made up of black lists, white lists, heuristic algorithms, and user ratings—to recommend apps to ditch. This is valuable for freeing up hard drive space, and it might help you screen out sketchy software, too.

Like any tune-up utility worth its salt, AVG TuneUp includes a few extras that round out the package. One of my favorites is Software Updater, which lets you download any available app updates with a button click. Software Updater support more than 50 popular apps, including Firefox, Skype, and VLC Media Player. In my testing, AVG TuneUp detected that Shrew Soft Lightweight Filter was not working correctly due to an outdated driver. Clicking the Open icon launched AVG Driver Updater (an app installed as part of the AVG TuneUp download), which found and installed the latest driver for me.

Performance Improvements and Comparisons

I tested AVG TuneUp's ability to tune up a Windows PC by performing two tests—running the Geekbench system performance tool and measuring boot times—before and after running the tune-up utility to compare the computer's speed. I ran each test three times, and then averaged the numbers.

Before I ran AVG TuneUp to clean up the system, my testbed—which has an Intel Core i5 CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, 8GB of RAM, 2TB hard drive, all running Windows 10—booted in a lengthy 2 minutes and 32 seconds. The rig scored 1,301, 5,960, and 182,137 on Geekbench's Single-Core, Multi-Core, and Compute Score tests, respectively.

As expected, I saw significant test score improvements after running AVG TuneUp. My testbed's boot time dropped to a respectable 1 minute and 11 seconds, while the Single-Core, Multi-Core, and Compute Score numbers rose to 1,385, 5,967, and 183,102, respectively. In fact, the new boot time placed just three seconds behind Iolo System Mechanic's 1 minute and 8 seconds category-leading mark. AVG TuneUp didn't claim a top spot in any of the four testing categories, but it put up solid numbers across the board.

Raw numbers, however, do not tell the complete picture. As I began using the PC again, I noticed snappier performance when using source-heavy applications, such as iTunes and Steam.

Clearly, AVG TuneUp positively impacts your PC, but you may be wondering how its improvements compare to the ones that come from Windows 10's own tune-up apps.

AVG TuneUp topped Windows 10 in one area: boot time (1 minute and 11 seconds versus 1 minute and 14 secs). However, that doesn't mean AVG TuneUp isn't worth a purchase.

AVG TuneUp has all of its valuable tools in one convenient location. With Windows 10, you have a Disk Defragmenter, Storage Sense, and Startup applications, but all are located in different places within the operating system. There's no one button—or even one interface—that controls them all.


In this artical am sharering knowlegde to change your Subscription from day counting to extended activation without subscription to expire. Thi process working fine on version 19.1.1209. this is not avg tuneup crack 2020.

You need to Download AVG TUNEUP VERSION 19.1.1209 or if you have already install do not worry just follow the following Steps.

1.You need to Delete all avg folder in C:\ProgramData\AVG. If you not see this folder Click here to show hidden Folder. May not respond reboot your mashine in Safe mode. See here to reboot you pc in Safe mode then everything will be gone. If no AVG Folder IN THIS LOCATION C:\ProgramData\AVG just Skip this process.

2.Now reboot your pc in Normal mode then OPEN TASK MANAGER by pressing Ctrl+Shift+ Esc
in this Task manager END ALL TASK AVG FILE.(TuneupUi, tune and Tuneup Service) BY Right clicking to the File then choose Endtask.

3.Now copy TuneupSvc and Paste in Avg  Folder in this location C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG TuneUp

4.(Only in windows 10),Right mouse button on TuneUp on the Desktop then Properties - compatibility and select "run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 8" tick bolow run this program as administrator.

5.Restart the system.(the pc).

6.Open your Avg Tuneup enjoy life time

Watch This Video For More Information.

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