Microsoft Windows SDK free Download latest 2021

 Microsoft Windows SDK free Download

What is Microsoft Windows SDK

Microsoft Windows SDK is a development tool that includes a set of tools for creating applications that run on Windows. The tool can be used by developers with the development environment you choose. Different editions of the SDK are compatible with specific versions of Visual Studio.

All the tools you need to create compelling apps

The package includes tools, compilers, headers, libraries and a large number of code samples that intend to make your job easier. The examples are designed to demonstrate the functionality of the components for the programmers that are not that experienced.

Select the components to deploy during setup

You can adapt the development kit to your working environment by using the web installer in order to carefully select the components that you want to use. If you do not want to be dependent of the Internet connection, you can download the entire disc and deploy the tools to the computer of your choice.

Either way, the development kit intends to reduce the installation package while providing better features. This is achieved by providing a flexible installation procedure and by integrating it with Visual Studio in order to avoid installing the same tools twice.

Build desktop and Store apps

The SDK is designed to help you create applications by using the native or the managed programming model. In this sense, it provides you with an extensive documentation and offers you the possibility to access other online resources. You can choose the documentation that you want to view offline in order to have access to it even when you are not connected to the Internet.

The latest editions of the SDK offers the tools needed to create both desktop and modern Windows Store apps.

A feature-rich and powerful SDK signed by Microsoft

The Windows SDK is an essential tool for the developers that create applications for the Windows platform. Different editions of the SDK are compatible with specific versions of the .NET Framework and can be used to create applications compatible with a certain edition of Windows, so please make sure to download the correct installer.

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