Norton Remove and Reinstall 2021 Review

 Norton Remove and Reinstall 2021Review


Norton Remove and Reinstall 

Norton Remove and Reinstall is fully aware free which created has easy to use tool to handle the complete removal of any Norton products. They also remove all Norton 360 and Norton System Works 12.0 applications from the system as well.

The Norton software removal tool is designed to only remove damaged Norton products or failed installations; it will not remove or affect any other programs or downloads. Once an issue is detected, download and run the program to allow the reinstallation of the Norton product to occur via Norton Management.

To prevent any problems while using the Norton Removal Tool, be sure to close all Norton products and any other anti-virus software. Close any open files and programs. These may conflict with the tool. If using a laptop, keep the computer connected to a power source to prevent losing power during the process. This could damage the Norton product beyond the removal tool's abilities to remove.

Once Norton is completely removed, the tool itself can be uninstalled by going through the Add/Remove Programs section of the computer. It uninstalls completely with no traces left behind. Unless the user plans to use the tool again, Norton recommends uninstalling it to free up disk space and prevent any unnecessary files on the computer.

How to use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool:

  • Download Norton's Removal Tool and save the file to the Windows desktop (Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool download).
  • On your Windows desktop, double-click the Norton Removal icon (NRnR icon) to open it.
  • Follow the provided instructions.
  • Restart your machine.

* Should it be required to complete the removal process, you may be prompted to restart multiple times and repeat the provided steps after you've restarted the computer.

* If you use ACT! or WinFax, back up those databases before you proceed.


For those running the Norton Software Removal Tool on a Mac to Remove Norton for Mac Programs

  • Navigate to the “Applications” folder, open the Norton Solutions folder, and click twice to open Norton Uninstaller.
  • Select the Norton application to be uninstalled in the Uninstall Norton Products window.
  • Click Uninstall and confirm the program to be deleted. An admin account password will be required.
  • Close the open windows and restart the machine.


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