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Avira Free Security

Avira Free Security takes free protection to the next level, offering VPN, password management, ad blocking, and more. It's not a typical security suite; you won't find firewall protection, backup, spam filtering, or other common suite components.

The latest product to come out of the German Avira Operations GmbH labs is dubbed Avira Free Security, and it acts as a modern replacement for the product that has been a staple for the company’s lineup for many years.

Avira Free Security takes on a modern approach to showing what a basic antivirus tool should be. In short, it follows the current trend of comprehensive AV solutions that are not only focused on security, but also on protecting your privacy and enhancing your computer’s performance.

Everything will come to an end one day, the popular virus scanner "Avira Free Antivirus" (previously known as AntiVir) will be replaced in 2021. The new free virus protection from Avira is Avira Free Security. The good news: It contains Avira Free Antivirus as a module, but also has a lot of other components. So users still get the effective protection against viruses free of charge. This includes the integrated real-time scanner, which constantly monitors your system, as well as the targeted checking of files and folders. In addition to viruses, worms and Trojans, the antivirus program also knows adware and spyware. Heuristic detection is also on board, which can detect previously unknown malware based on typical behavioral patterns

What about the paid version?

Currently, there are three main plans: Internet Security, Prime, and Prime Family. The first is aimed at users who want to ensure that their online presence is as protected as possible.

The Internet Security plan offers enhanced virus protection, as well as tools aimed at ensuring that most online-related vulnerabilities are patched by keeping your apps updated to their latest versions, and by protecting your sensitive data and passwords. The Prime and Prime Family plans are better as they allow you to unleash the suite’s full potential (the only difference is the number of supported users). You are provided with all of Avira’s security, privacy, and performance-oriented tools.

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