IOBIT uninstaller 10 Pro Activation key LATEST 2021


IOBIT uninstaller 10 Pro Activation key LATEST 2021

IOBIT uninstaller 10 Pro

IObit Uninstaller is a free software that uninstalls programs and cleans up their leftovers seamlessly. The amount of available space on devices is important and determines the devices’ functionality. Available on Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems, IObit completely removes unwanted software, bundleware, malware, and ad-based plug-ins within the easy to use interface.

Most computers have multiple software programs installed, with only a few being in active use. These programs aren’t just occupying storage space but they also affect your system's performance. Malicious toolbars and plug-ins added to your browser could amass your personal data for illegal use. Some of these tools could even redirect you to phishing websites. A typical uninstall would not delete a program in its entirety. There certainly would be some leftovers, which IObit Uninstaller would take care of. IObit Uninstaller not just cleans the slate completely but also does that at a fairly good speed.

The main software that was installed will have bundled programs underneath; users can individually or batch uninstall the unwanted programs by selecting the boxes and then clicking the ‘Uninstall’ button on the top right. IObit will confirm the uninstallation with a pop-up window including the options to create a restore point and/or automatically remove residual files.

Upon the uninstallations’ completion, people can assess the removed programs’ data and the space that was created: registry entries, scheduled tasks, files, and services that were deleted. Within the ‘Recently Installed’ tab, current applications’ data and the ability to delete them is available: their name, size, and installation date.

IObit Uninstaller system requirements

Processor: 1Ghz


Disk space: 300Mb free 

Video Card: 512Mb

Operation System: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

Screen Resolution: 1024×768  or higher

IObit Uninstaller Features

  • Uninstall unwanted Windows or third-party apps to improve the performance of your computer
    • Select multiple programs for removing them in bulk
    • Automatically create a system restore point before uninstall and remove residual files
    • Find out how much free disk space you recover by uninstalling the selected programs
    • Use Install Monitor to detect and log system changes during installation to make sure the previous Windows state will be restored after software uninstall
    • Keep your important programs up to date
    • Remove toolbars and plugins from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome

    • Supports light and dark UI skins, along with multiple UI languages
    • Set up a hotkey to run the easy uninstall mode
    • Send leftover files to Recycle Bin instead of permanently removing them from your PC
    • Create an ignore list to mark possible bundleware as safe and exclude it from the uninstaller’s scanner
    • Get notifications when bundleware and malicious plugins are installed, software updates are available, or when the free disk space is below 10%

    • Automatically delete leftovers after removing the program using the Windows or another uninstaller
    • Turn on automatic software updates


    • FECCC-33988-FC25F-4F7T0
    • 5BF10-497AB-B9871-EEFB0
    • DFF45-63391-C9746-6F5T0
    • 7206E-3D337-FC9DF-CCAT0
    • 0841E-A9C83-1645A-9ACT0
    • FECCC-33988-FC25F-4F7T0

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