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LeoMoon ParsiNegar

LeoMoon ParsiNegar Editor is an application that allows you to type Persian and Arabic anywhere. This applications comes with a system-wide ParsiNegar keyboard and a Unicode editor. With it's system-wide keyboard you can type standard unicode in supported applications like editors, browsers, etc. And with it's Unicode editor you can type anywhere that Persian is not supported.

LeoMoon ParsiNegar Editor includes a system-wide ParsiNegar virtual keyboard and a simple, neat and handy Unicode text editor. Using the keyboard you can type in standard Unicode characters in any application, let it be a browser or another editor. Simply put, typing in the above mentioned languages is made easy by this handy tool.

This application is also very fast, lightweight, neat and easy-to-use. It comes with low system requirements and it’s also fully portable. Last but not least, it’s free to use (donation-ware).

The tool provides minimal editing options, meaning that you will be able to change the font type and the size of your text, as well as define text and background colors. You can copy and paste parts of texts from within the same document using the Copy/Paste icons from the toolbar displayed on the interface. Nevertheless, the tool does not allow for more advanced editing options such as footnote adding, table or picture insertion and paragraph managing.

You will also be able to open and edit previous documents you have saved with this tool if you need to continue working on a project you have previously started.

But probably the program’s most useful feature is its ability to export the text as vectored images, in either PDF, PS or SVG file format. While you probably won’t use LeoMoon ParsiNegar to converse with your friends in Farsi, there’s no doubt that it can make a useful design tool.

Features of LeoMoon ParsiNegar

  • Small setup size that will help you with all your typing needs
  • Very fast with low system requirements
  • Standalone editor loaded with 400 fonts
  • Includes Unicode and Compatibility algorithms to type in graphical suites
  • Also Includes a fast export module to convert text to vector path (vector shapes)

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