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What is Windroy Emulator?

Windroy is Android running with Windows kernel. It does not run by a simulator (such as VirtualBox), it's on real machine, so it's fast. It keeps full Android capabilities that allows users of any knowledge level to boot and control Android 4.0 applications directly on their Windows desktop surface. You can run all Android apps, including 3D games.

With built-in tools for window scaling, customization of inputs, networking, and advanced graphics emulation, Windroy represents a capable android emulator that can be used for evaluation, direct app control, testing, debugging, and even consuming multimedia on both home PCs and laptops.

Emulation of the Android software is quite fast and stable, and if you have experienced emulation issues on some other emulator platform, the chances are good that the app will offer you a more accurate reproduction of mobile apps. Emulation The app also supports keyboard and mouse controls, it can reproduce Flash content inside the mobile browser.

WindowsAndroid also lacks audio at the moment, and the web browser is unstable. However, it is a new project, and these problems should be ironed out as it develops. It's also a neat way to discover the ins and outs of Android.

However, because it is based on now aged Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, its compatibility with the latest set of Android apps and games can at times look to be limited. Still, it offers stable and reliable emulation that can enable you to experience and take direct control over dozens of thousands of Android apps.

The app can be controlled using the mouse or keyboard. Windroy also takes advantage of the system’s performance capabilities and is fully integrated with other Windows applications, such Flash. Windroy also supports Ethernet and PPPoE, so that you can access the Internet within the Android emulator. Windroy is a good app for developers who need to test apps and users who want to view how Android works and operates. Since Windroy offers an exact copy of the Android platform, you can use it to test the functionality of the operating system onto your Windows PC.

Features and Highlights of Windroy Emulator

  • Current ported Android version is 4.0.3r1, new version is being developed
  • Can run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Has exactly the same user experience with the original Android
  • Integrated with Windows’ applications, such as Flash, Windows Media Player, etc.
  • Supports any UI resolution, such as 1920x1080
  • Supports windowing mode or full-screen mode, window scaling in windowing mode, and switching between windowing mode and full screen mode
  • Supports IO devices such as mouse, keyboard, remote control
  • Supports Ethernet, pppoe

Windroy Emulator System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista or later

Processor: 800MHz or faster

AMD or Intel Dual-Core CPU that supports Virtualization Technology (AMD-vt or Intel VT-x)

Memory: 512 MB RAM

HDD: 273 MB free space on disk

OpenGL ES 2.0 Capable Video Card (Graphics Card)

How to Install Windroy Emulator

  • At very firstly your need to get WindRoy Emulator File.
  • Download WindRoy Android Emulator for Windows from here.
  • Open WindRoy downloaded.Exe file and run the setup.
  • While the installation system asks to agree on terms and conditions so do it, as you don’t have any other option.
  • Login in WindRoy with your Google ID and proceed to next.
  • Open Windroy and search your favorite app in Google Play Store then install it. As you do on an
  • Android device.
  • Locate your app on WindRoy home screen and use it

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