How to create your own dj drops Free From the Scratch

How to Create dj Drops for Free From the Scratch

 How to Create dj Drops for Free From the Scratch

Hello, welcome and Thank you for visiting our Website Manupearlsunity, in this article i will explain how to make a dj drop that you will use as Dj. I have seen people make drops that are soundless so beautiful to entertain us in music. After seeing that I decided to prepare this article which will be helpful to make you make drops beautiful and interesting in any work.

Things to have when making Professional drops

First you need a computer that has the following software.

1.Adobe Audition

This is a very good software for Studio Audio functions. Which does not require a computer with a large capacity to work. This software you can use in Recording Audio from the Mic that you have connected on the computer and after that you can Edit as you like and it will be heard in the quality you like.


This is a free software that you can use as well as adobe Audition but in this Software I liked it in its side to be able to Split the sound on the left and right side and be heard for a time difference as you like.

3.Master Sound Recorder

Here I have not Specify any software because here it is required that any which is able to record sound internal from the computer to the speaker so here it depends on your choice. But also i recommend you software that is easy to use. you can you below Software. Download here

4.Write the words you want to be dj drop on Notepad

So here it Depend you drops you want may be want to sound like this "Dj joman on the mix" so that is which we are Going to Use. 

After having those items above now follow me below:

1. Open a browser 

After open your Browser on your computer then go to Google Search Engine  type "Text to Speech" in fist page results select any website that can changing Text to Speech. (My best Website is readspeaker, Text-to-speech from Google Cloud, Naturalreaders, ttsreader, Nuance,ttsdemo,) Try some text by listening the way it sound. Then try different until you got which sound Good.

2.Copy the text 

Go Back to you text have prepared then go back Website that you going to use to change that text then paste it on the box for text to speech. Try to listen it. Now you can open the software which you going to use to recording that voice. Now play it Again when you recoding. After complete that Process then save that Voice.

3.Open Adobe Audition

Open Adobe Audition now ready for Editing you Drop. Drag you Voice Drop which you Recorded to Adobe Audition For more instruction you can watch below Video. 

Download all Software Which i used to in this Tutorial Below 

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