TeraCopy for Windows 3.6 Latest 2021 Download

TeraCopy for Windows


TeraCopy is a third party transfer service which gives users the chance to move data from one device to another, without having to micromanage transfers. TeraCopy is a very good substitute for your built in Windows Explorer window and it works even faster than your normal explorer with its special design on data management and file transfer. Its strength is in using special mechanism known as adjusted buffers to altogether reduce the time span for file transfer.

It also provides a lot more information about the files being copied than its Windows counterpart. The app integrates with Windows Explorer's right-click menu and can be set as the default copy handler.

Basic Features of TeraCopy 

Automated Problem Resolution:

Rest assured that all of your files get transferred safely, with TeraCopy’s automated problem identification system. Faulty files, dropped connections, and detected errors are all examined and resolved, without terminating the entire transfer process.

Confirm drag'n'drop:

The tool can optionally show a confirmation dialog on every drag and drop operation. It can prevent you from moving folders accidentally from one location to another.

Save Original Meta Data:

Preserve the time, date, and metadata details from each file when transferring. Ensure that each file can be found with its exact original contents and timestamps, without losing essential data.

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