What are advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

Online shopping

Online shopping is one of the most popular ways of buying products or services online. It has been around for about twenty Years and its increasing day to day. As with most things, there are positives and negatives associated with this approach to shopping. Buyer can pay for the goods or services as per his/her convenience. Buyer can pay online using internet or Cash on delivery. 

The number of digital shoppers across the United States has seen a rapid increase within the past few years. In fact, studies predict that there will be about 230.5 million online shoppers by 2021, which includes consumers who browse products, compare prices, or buy merchandise online.

Disadvantages of Shopping Online

Excessive Shipping Cost

Some unscrupulous e-tailers like to use shipping and handling charges as a way to make a few extra bucks. When shipping charges start to approach the cost of the item (and I am NOT referring to ususual shipping situations, like overnight or international shipping), then the seller is price gouging, plain and simple. Other sellers may charge more reasonable rates, but end up shipping by very cheap (ie SLOW) means (like Media Mail). But even when shipping is reasonable, it can be excessive expensive to order certain items online vs buying at a brick and mortar store. This is particularly true for large items that must be shipped by freight.

Returns/Exchanges of the Products

If the order placed arrives in poor condition, incomplete or sent something different you can choose to make a return but just as it is difficult to make a face to face, it is also something complex to return things when they are purchased online. You have to take into account the conditions of each page before buying something to avoid disappointment with what is received because it can also cost money to make the return.

The cost of shipping is likely to be high

It has shipping options in most cases where they are free within the country, but if you buy something abroad costs can rise too much, to the point that it is cheaper to leave home and go to the branch nearest.

Shipping time

When buying online we have to take into account that depending on the receiving address, we will have to wait some time to receive our purchase. Not always met the estimated deadlines, and that can bring us problems, especially when we travel. We must take into account, with time, if we want to buy online, to make sure that our orders reach us when we want.

Payment by credit card

To make purchases a credit card is necessary, and users may fear that by providing their banking information on the internet, they may be victims of theft or fraud. Once proven that online payment systems are currently very safe, this disadvantage disappears.

Unknown sellers:

In the network, there are many options to buy, from well-known and trusted brands or chains to small businesses or the people themselves selling what they have and in this context, there are times that you can not fully trust all the sellers. If you choose to make the deal with third parties, there is a risk that the product will not arrive, something completely different will be sent, the money will be left and only time will be lost and distrust will be generated in this business model.

 It's Too Easy

There are all sorts of potential psychological and emotional problems associated with the ease with which people can buy online. Impulsive buying, addiction, overspending, and debt-related issues can all be exacerbated. Also, it is easier for people to buy products when intoxicated, or for children to purchase unwanted items using their parent's credit cards and online accounts without permission.

Test products 

The most common case is that of clothing that one can try on a physical store just to see if the size is right. Online it is difficult to estimate the size of the products properly so you can end up making a bad purchase. The detail here is that it only applies to a few things because even in physical stores not everything can be tested, as in the case of electrical appliances.

Advantages and its benefits of online shopping

Global coverage

Online shopping lets its user buying things online globally. For an example If some is located in India and wants to purchase things from Germany. Buyer can simply search the product on the referring web sites and place an order to buy. Same order will be shipped by the vendor to India and delivered to the shopper’s home without any hassles.

Get heavy discounts. 

Cheap deals and discounted deals are available online. We can use discount coupons to reduce the actual price. Online shopped things often come from manufactured to buyer directly. There is no middle man commission involved into this. Some tax benefits are also there in online sale system. Hence the cheapest cost of the purchased thing to the buyer.

Easy cost comparison

Online shopping is a best platform to buy things after comparing its prices. At a one place we can compare the prices from the different brands of best qualities being offered by the e-commerce websites. We can compare the re-views too regarding that thing easily.

Shopping without compulsion

Sometimes we walk to a store and starts shopping, we end up buying things even if we are not much satisfied with the goods. Because Customer is always made kind forced to purchase things. Online shopping will let you search and shop without any compulsion online.

Purchase with privacy

Sometimes things are purchased in privacy of your home. Online shopping is best platform for this kind of purchase. It enables buying undergarments and lingerie without any embarrassment that people are watching around.

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