Why do McDonald's burgers look different in ads?

McDonald's burgers

McDonald’s Explained Why Their Burgers Look Different in ads.

Ever wonder why your McDonald's burgers looks flatter, sadder, and uglier than the juicy delicacy you've seen advertised on TV? A customer asked McDonald's Canada about the discrepancy, and the company graciously revealed how they prep their food for TV in a video posted on its website. 

"We supply the same ingredients to them as our restaurants receive. We also require that they prepare and build the products to operational procedures. The big difference is how much time we take to get an appealing shot. Sometimes it’s a wax version or a combination of real and other materials. Furthermore, if the food is real, it is cooked perfectly to look the most appealing. Colors in advertising are also selected to make the food stand out and have that mouthwatering appeal. Basically, to make you want to purchase it."

According to McDonald’s, this is to show every ingredient a customer should expect to get when they buy the product. In reality, everything is stacked on top of each other so you can’t necessarily tell there are onions and pickles in between. After the photoshoot, the selected picture is then retouched to look even more enticing by saturating the colors and removing cracks in the burger buns.

And even after all of those crazy measures are taken to make the food look better than it actually is, the photo is still typically retouched. Doesn’t seem so appetizing anymore! If you want your food to look like the grub in fast food advertisements, you might be better off making it at home—just remember to cook the burger all the way and remove any pins! Now, read about these secrets food manufacturers don’t tell you that could change the way you eat.

Sadly, the answer to that question is that the food you see in commercials isn’t edible. A lot of work and time goes into making that food look the way it does on-screen, whereas when you go to the fast food restaurant, they slap together your food in less than a minute.

Why do they do this?

Isn’t it obvious? What looks more appetizing? The advertisement with a perfect burger? Or a typical smashed burger?

They want to present the ideal face to you to make you want to eat there.

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