Yandex Browser 20.12 Download Latest 2021


Yandex Browser 20.12 Download Latest 2021

Yandex Browser 20.12

Yandex Browser is a simple internet browser gives you plenty of space for viewing webpages. Yandex.Browser for Windows is a simple, fast, and efficient web browser that builds on the Chromium format. Yandex also blocks advertisements, widgets, and other intrusive elements that ruin the browsing experience. Other programs require additional add-ons or extensions for this feature. While this application allows third-party additions, they’re not required for ad-blocking. It’s also open-source and allows for endless customization.

Features of  Yandex Browser and Highlights

Turbo mode

Yandex Browser enables you to browse your favorite online content in an intuitive manner. Much like other browsers, you can open multiple pages in tabs, or different windows if you like. More so, you can even browse in incognito mode, if you want your browsing history and downloaded files to remain unrecorded.


If you need the latest exchange rates or weather forecast, the suggestions have your answer. If you want to visit a site but you don’t remember the exact address, enter its name and Yandex Browser will do the rest

Reliable protection from viruses

Protect active security technology scans files and website for viruses, blocks fraudulent webpages, protect your passwords and bank card details, and keeps your online payments safe from theft.

Download Yandex Browser 20.12

Download Yandex Browser 20.12

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