How do I use Monosnap on Mac?


How to use use Monosnap on Mac

Monosnap is a Software that's enables you to take snapshots and record your activity on your Mac computer. This program also gives you access to various image editing tools, lets you define a wide range of hotkeys for quicker app manipulation, and provides you with multiple image and video sharing options.

Desktop Video Recording

Video record a selected portion of your screen and/or include a webcam feed. You can add rectangles, arrows, ellipses, or lines to assist in whatever it is you’re saying. After the recording is done, the video can be previewed, saved in MP4 format, and uploaded to YouTube.

Capture Screen Images

Monosnap Allow you to capture images of a selected portion of the screen or the whole screen. When yourv using Monosnap you can edit the image in the integrated photo editor, which lets you insert arrows, crop images, resize images, add ellipses, add lines, add rectangles, add text, add blur, add highlight, and use a pen. After the image is enhanced and edited, it can be saved in JPG or PNG format on your hard drive

Another disadvantage is that not all of Monosnap's features are for free. To be more exact, you need to make an in-app purchase to unlock the ability to store your screenshots in various types of Cloud service accounts. Still, the rest of the attributes come without a price. So, it isn't a big deal, especially if you don't need the aforementioned features while working with Monosnap.

Improve Editing your screenshots:

After grabbing a screenshot, Monosnap automatically opens the editor window where you can quickly make small adjustments: you can draw lines, arrows, squares, circles, write text, apply cropping settings, or apply blur effects.

When you are satisfied with the result, you can simply save the file to your disk, share it by email, or upload it to various online storage locations.

Features of Monosnap

  • Capture full screen, just part of the screen, or a selected window
  • Make your crop area pixel perfect with our 8x magnifier
  • Customize screenshooting hotkeys
  • Highlight important details with pen, text, arrows and shapes
  • Hide private information with our blur tool
  • Login to get free cloud storage space
  • Upload your snapshot to our storage in one click
  • Or save it to your local folder and copy it to clipboard


Overall, the software is an effective tool for taking snapshots and recordings of the screen or yourself. The user-friendly interface is suitable for anyone, and there is good response time, and minimal memory or CPU used up. This provides great performance from the computer.

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