How to use soundflower on mac


How to use soundflower on mac

Soundflower is a tool with which you can make the most of the audio playing on your Mac. With Soundflower you can route signals making them come out of one app and go into another. It's very useful when it comes to recording the sound emitted by a Mac, for instance, if we want to compose music from several sound sources or for advanced DJ functions in which we need to play audio from two or more programs.

The software is a special utility that has been created free of charge for Mac users. It works to pass audio content between a number of different applications and allows users to send live audio content into the Mixlr app from applications like Traktor and Ableton Live.

Soundflower app is accessible directly from your status bar, with a dropdown window that holds numerous configuration settings for the emulated 2ch and 64ch devices. At the bottom of the drop-down menu, you can also access Audio Setup window that will showcase a standalone window with configuration tabs for your physical audio components (Built-in Microphone, Built-in-Input, Built-in Output) and Sound flower’s emulated audio devices (2ch and 64ch). Each of the audio channels can have its own volume level, specific dB change, or it can be fully muted. Audio format for each detected device can also be changed with a simple dropdown menu selector

Main features of Soundflower for Mac

  • Two configuration options: 2 channels or 64 channels.
  • Create complex signal routing chains.
  • Simply share audio feeds from one app to another.
  • Re-route audio from music player to audio editors without the need for external hardware

  • Lightweight and unobtrusive.
  • Created in an open source environment.
  • Perfect for music producers or DJs.
  • Completely free.
  • With a worthy support for the latest versions of the OS.

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