How to install Clementine Music Player on Ubuntu 20.04

How to install Clementine Music Player on Ubuntu

Clementine is a cross-platform music player and a good competitor to Rhythmbox which is default music player on Ubuntu. It is fast and easy to use music player thanks to its user friendly interface. It supports audio playback in all the major audio file formats.

Installing Clementine from the standard repository

If you are feeling a little geeky, you can always hop on the terminal train and use your distribution’s package manger to install Clementine.

In Ubuntu, Clementine is available in the Universe repository. You can use the apt command in this fashion:

Write the given-below command to install Clementine from the standard repository:

$ sudo apt install clementine

Press ‘y’ to continue installing Clementine.

Once the Clementine music player is installed, verify the installation with the command:

$ clementine --version

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