How to Install Inkscape 1.0.1 on Ubuntu Simple way

What is Inkscape

In this new corrective version of the software the work was done corresponding to add a dialog box called "Selectors and CSS" in the «Object menu /» Selectors and CSS », which offers an interface to edit CSS styles of the document and provides the ability to select all objects associated with the specified CSS selector.

The new dialog replaces the "Selection Sets" tools, which were discontinued in Inkscape 1.0.

Another functional change is an experimental plugin for PDF export using Scribus, which provides the correct color reproduction suitable for color output along with:

A color profile to use with the colors in the file

Being able to map all the colors in the document with the managed color picker in the Fill and Stroke dialog

And also there were changes in the dialog boxes, since fThey were enhanced to change the scaling level, the document properties and scale. Improved 3D box, eraser, gradients, nodes, pencil and tools for adding text.

The fixes highlight the resolution of the problem with the definition of fonts in the package in Snap format.

How to install Inkscape 1.0.1 on Ubuntu and derivatives?

Finally, for those who are interested in being able to install this new version in Ubuntu and other Ubuntu-derived systems, they should open a terminal in the system, this can be done with the key combination "Ctrl + Alt + T".

And in her we are going to type the following command with which we will add the application repository:

sudo add-apt-repository

sudo apt-get update

Done this to install inkscape, we just have to type the command:

sudo apt-get install inkscape

Another method of installation is with the help of the flatpak packages and the only requirement is to have the support added to the system.

In a terminal we just have to type the following command:

flatpak install flathub org.inkscape.Inkscape

Once the installation is done, you can find the application launcher in your application menu.

Finally another of the methods offered directly by Inkscape developers, is using AppImage file which you can download directly from the app's website.

In the case of this version, you can open a terminal and in it you can download the appimage of this latest version by typing the following command in it:


Done the download, now you just have to give permissions to the file with the following command:

sudo chmod +x Inkscape-3bc2e81-x86_64.AppImage

Or in the same way by secondary clicking on the file and in properties they click on the box that says run as program.

And that's it, you can run the app image of the application by double-clicking on it or from the terminal with the command


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