How To Install Ramme Instagram Client on Ubuntu


How To Install Ramme Instagram Client on Ubuntu

How To Install Ramme Instagram Client on Ubuntu

Ramme is cool unofficial Instagram desktop client which gives you feel of Instagram mobile phone app. It is an Electron-based client so it replicates Instagram app and offers features like theme customization, etc.

Ramme exists thanks to the seemingly almighty Electron which developers have been using to bring desktop clients to services which would have otherwise not been available for Linux. It is responsive with a minimal design and intuitive interface.

Install Ramme Instagram Client on Ubuntu

To install Ramme in Ubuntu Linux is pretty easy. All you need is get the package then run the app.

Step 1 - Get the app package -link provided below this post

Step 2 - Extract the package into specific directory, or simply run the following command :

mkdir ramme

unzip Ramme-linux* -d ramme

Step 3 - Once extracted, you just need to run the app. Double click "Ramme" or run the following command :


Step 4 - Here's the screen when you run the app for first :

Simply sign in with your Instagram account and you'll keep up to date on your friend's pictures outside of your phone. Enjoy Instagram in your Linux desktop!

Please note, you can't upload any photos because Instagram doesn't provide an official upload API for developers.

A lot of unofficial apps have been taken down by Instagram when they tried to add an option to upload pictures. However you can perform basic operation like :

See and edit your profile

  • View user profile
  • Follow Instagram user
  • See suggested people
  • View user tagged photos
  • Like a Instagram post
  • Add a comment
  • Play the videos
  • And many more

These were all the step-by-step Linux tutorial, how to open and use Instagram on Linux: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / 14.04 LTS using Ramme : Instagram desktop app. Thanks for visiting us.

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