How to use TeraCopy to copying

What is Teracopy

TeraCopy is a dynamically adjusted file-copying utility that lets you pause and resume transfers, see skipped bad files at the end of a download, and find out as much information as needed on every piece of the file transferred.

Copying many files can time with your computer, depending on how fast and good it is in terms of hardware.

It’s also a long and boring process, especially if you have to copy many files at the same time. It would be nice to automate the whole process, but you would need the right tools to do that.

One of them is TeraCopy. This application was designed to help you copy and paste files and big chunks of data from one location to another in batches.

It allows you to automate the entire copying process without having to intervene in the process and be present. You can set some conditions and configure the copying procedure.

Features of TeraCopy and Highlights

  • Fix problems easily
  • File verification
  • Confirm drag'n'drop
  • Faster workflow
  • Shell integration

  • Rapid File Transfer
  • Drag and Drop Copying 
  • Automated Problem Resolution
  • Save Original Meta Data


TeraCopy is a great app to have if you want a fast and easy way to transfer files and copy and paste them without too much work.

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