picasa 3.9 for mac Latest 2021


Picasa 3.9

Picasa is an image organizer, viewer, and editor, currently owned by Google Inc. and integrated with the Picasa Web Albums service, which allows its users to host their photos on the Web.

After the application is installed on your computer, it automatically starts scanning you data drives, searching for pictures. In case you don't want some of your folders scanned, you just change the scanning settings, and the pictures from there don't get to the application main library.

Since version 3.6 Picasa automatically singles out all faces, found in your pics, and suggests tagging them. The person you tag gets automatically marked on all the photos, where the software recognizes them. This helps immensely, when you, for example, want to upload an album of your kids' prom photos, or want to show your Grandma the photos of you in Venice but can't find them on your hard drive.

Version 3.8 saw two major new features, namely Face Movie and Batch Upload.

The former allows you to combine the slideshow making and face recognizing features of Picasa and create a slideshow presentation, centered around a specific person, in almost no time: a precious option when you've got to work under time constraints.

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