Does AVG work or required on a Mac?


Do Mac computers need antivirus protection?

Mac computers are more secure in some ways than Windows systems and benefit from a lower market share, making them less valuable targets for hackers. Nevertheless, MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Pros, and Mac Minis are all still vulnerable to some viruses and other malware, and it’s a rapidly growing problem. One study found that the number of malicious programs targeting Mac computers increased by over 1,000 percent in 2020! Hackers are clearly starting to shift their sights onto Mac computers, so users beware.

To add to the issue, many Mac users forget the use of antivirus software, deeming it unnecessary. This obviously makes them vulnerable to malware and may render them more attractive targets for cybercriminals. Apple’s built-in security system does a reasonable job of keeping malware at bay, but you should still consider beefing up protection by installing antivirus software.

Do you really need an antivirus to protect a Mac?

Even if you don’t let a piece of malware run, we have found that macOS’ built-in security scanning doesn’t always detect dormant viruses just sitting on the hard drive. If you never had any intention of running the viruses yourself, you could inadvertently share them with somebody you know who might not be so fortunate. And there’s more to antivirus than simply protection from viruses. Almost all the security suites we test come with additional protection against phishing attacks, where websites pretend to be legit in order to steal your data. We have found that the very best Mac security suites will also bolster your phishing protection quite significantly, and perform better than the protection built in to the Mac versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers.

AVG AntiVirus for Mac

AVG AntiVirus Free for Mac is an Anti-Virus program which is absolutely free for non-commercial use for the life of the product. Created from the ground up to provide every Mac user brilliant protection during surfing, social networking and exchanging data with other people using portable USB storage devices. AVG is quality Anti-Virus proven by over 250 million of users, who have used this software suite and the accompanying cloud services to protect PCs, Macs, mobile phones and tablets against any kind of online threat. It even has integrated anti-theft tools that will enable you to locate your stolen hardware. Download, Install or Update AVG AntiVirus for macOS!

Features and Highlights

  • Exceptional anti-virus protection
  • Gaming and surfing without interruptions
  • Safe downloads
  • Surf and search the web safely
  • Share your life on Facebook, not viruses
  • Free support from techies that care

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