Alarm Clock Pro 13.0.2 for MacOS Review


Alarm Clock Pro

Alarm Clock Pro is a utility that might prove to be of good use to anyone who needs to easily count time, set alarms or schedule to-dos. The program is packed with various built-in tools which help you immediately complete the aforementioned tasks.

This application  multifunctional alarm clock and task scheduler that can cheer you up during the day with different messages on the monitor screen, speaking them or sending them as an SMS to your phone.

I tested all of the integrated utilities and they all provided me with accurate data. The World clock tool quickly generated correct results (converts time from one timezone to another), the Alarms featured dozens of useful settings (for example, set a favorite audio file from my Mac as the sound alarm), etc.

The only bad aspect, which is quite important, is the fact that it might use large amounts of CPU resources, especially when counting down time. In my testing, the CPU usage was around 60% (my Mac: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, macOS 10.12). Still, this could happen because of my Mac.

In addition, there is: a list of important reminders, greeting cards, all kinds of timers and much more, which, combined with a simple and intuitive interface, offers quite an interesting solution.

Features of Alarm Clock Pro 13.0.2

  • Sending text messages to your mobile phone
  • Playing audio and video files
  • Cycle playback, attenuation and automatic stop of media playback
  • Change the volume of media playback
  • Opening documents and applications
  • Website Opening
  • Sending an email with additional attachment
  • Start and stop screen saver
  • Screenshot creation
  • Executing any shell command
  • Displaying or pronouncing any text on the screen
  • Automatic computer wake-up on schedule
  • Start the computer and shut it down
  • Increase system volume
  • As well as a lot and more.

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