Audacity 3.0.0 new version 2021– Full review



Audacity is software that enables the users to both records and edits audio clips free of cost. The interface of Audacity is simple and very user-friendly. It also offers cross-platform compatibility and supports multiple plugins and libraries for enhanced functionality. It can run smoothly on Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux operating systems.

The editor can import and export WAV and MP3 files using LAME MP3 encoder and you can also work with FLAC, OGG formats. If you wish, you can record sound from a microphone or any other source which is connected to the line output. Audacity can record and listen to existing audio tracks at the same time, when recording you can use up to 16 channels, but for this you need to have a multi-channel card accordingly. You can use the ready-made effects, benefiting from their huge number, you can also add effects editor separately.

Audacity has an indicator for both recording and playback, and you can adjust the tempo parameters with pitch, if there is noise on the track, you can dampen it. If you want, you can play many tracks at once. If you need to connect multiple tracks of different quality, it is also possible that they will automatically adjust to the same parameters. You can save all your results in the desired format and quality.

The interface of Audacity has very attractive, nothing superfluous will be installed in system, it will not be difficult to deal with all chips, it is possible to add tracks by transfer in the main window, in general I like the program, it is not necessary to pay for it, and functions a huge quantity. I can recommend Audacity to everyone, of course, unless you are a super professional and you don’t need something like Sound Forge. Look carefully at the screenshots before you decide to download the program, in general, you can draw conclusions from them, enjoy the use!

Audacity Feature

  • Record live sound and audio playback on a PC.
  • Convert music tapes and save them to MP3 o CD.
  • Edit multiple audio formats such as MP2, MP3, AIFF, WAV, FLAC.
  • Take different sound documents and duplicate, cut, blend, or graft them together.
  • Change the pitch or speed of a sound recording.
  • Manage several recording and/or playback device simultaneously through the Device Toolbar
  • Monitor the volume levels of your recording before, during, and after you perform it
  • Perform recordings of your PC playback (choose Windows WASAPI host in the Device Toolbar and “loopback” input)
  • Record from various sources such as your line input, microphone, or USB devices
  • Start a recording based on a timer or activate it by sound
  • Create multi-track recordings by dubbing over existing tracks
  • Use Audacity with JACK to perform very-low-latency recordings
  • Supports recording at up to 192,000 Hz sample rates, or 384,000 Hz for high-resolution devices
  • Lets you record multiple channels simultaneously
  • Lets you copy, cut, paste freely on your audio projects
  • Timeline Quick-Play and “scrubbing and seeking” features let you identify the spot you want to edit quickly
  • Go back any number of steps in your editing process (unlimited undo and redo steps)
  • Keep tracks and labels organized
  • Modify individual sample points with the Draw Tool
  • Fade the volume in or out smoothly with the Envelope Tool
  • In case of abnormal program termination events, the app restores your project through Automatic Crash Recovery

Audacity System Requirements


Windows versionMinimum RAMRecommended RAMMinimum processor speedRecommended processor speed
Windows 98, ME64 MB128 MB300 MHz500 MHz
Windows 2000, XP128 MB512 MB300 MHz1 GHz
Windows Vista Home Basic512 MB2 GB1 GHz1 GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium/Business/Ultimate/7 (32-bit)1GB4 GB1 GHz2 GHz
Windows 7 or 8 (64-bit)2 GB4GB1 GHz2 GHz

NB. Windows 95 and NT are not supported in Audacity 1.3.


Mac OS versionMinimum RAMMinimum processor speed
OS X 10.4 or later64 MB300 MHz


DistributionsMinimum RAMMinimum processor speed
Fedora, Gentoo, Suse, Ubuntu64 MB300 MHz

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