How to fast copy in windows 10



FastCopy is a handy little program for copying files. A nice feature that it has over Robocopy is verification. That means that it will compare the source files with the copied files to see if they match. This makes it better for important backups, when you want to make sure the files were copied properly, without any errors.

FastCopy comes with its own GUI, which is straight forward to use and you should examine it to familiarize yourself with the options it provides. But here I'll show how to use it with a shortcut or a script, for quick and simple backups.

The usage of the tool is very simple, you need to select the source and destination directory. You have the option of selecting what to do if the file already exists at the destination. With options, you can either overwrite, create new or delete existing in case file already exists. When two or more Source is specified it delimits it by the semicolon. When the CTL key is pushed at the drag & drop to Source, it becomes added to a present content of Source. You can also add Window shell extension, by which you will be able to select FastCopy by right clicking the file.

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