How to read hijackthis log


read hijackthis log

Read hijackthis log is a program originally developed by Merijn Bellekom, a Dutch student studying chemistry and computer science. This one of the most well known and long running Hijack. This analyzers and has a large database in recognizing if an entry is safe, unknown or nasty. You can either paste the log file into the text box or upload a log file from your computer, the option to show the visitor ratings is useful and should be left enabled. 

How to read hijackthis log

HijackThis can be downloaded as a standalone executable or as an installer. The standalone application allows you to save and run HijackThis.exe from any folder you wish, while the installer will install HijackThis in a specific location and create desktop shortcuts to that executable. When using the standalone version you should not run it from your Temporary Internet Files folder as your backup folder will not be saved after you close the program. In order to avoid the deletion of your backups, please save the executable to a specific folder before running it. We suggest that you use the HijackThis installer as that has become the standard way of using the program and provides a safe location for HijackThis backups.

To open up the log and paste it into a forum, like ours, you should following these steps:

  1. Click on Start then Run and type Notepad and press OK. Notepad will now be open on your computer.
  2. Click on File and Open, and navigate to the directory where you saved the Log file.
  3. When you see the file, double click on it. The log file should now be opened in your Notepad.
  4. Click on Edit and then Select All. All the text should now be selected.
  5. Click on Edit and then Copy, which will copy all the selected text into your clipboard.
  6. Go to the message forum and create a new message.
  7. Title the message: HijackThis Log: Please help Diagnose
  8. Right click in the message area where you would normally type your message, and click on the paste option. The previously selected text should now be in the message.
  9. Press Submit

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