How to fix controller not connecting issue

How to Solve Controller and software Failure Connection

This Article i'm going to discuss two main things which may cause failure connection between the controller and the dj software.

Main things that may cause connection failure 

Things that may cause connection failure Between the controller and Software the 

(1) Controller Driver 

So let me start to the first one which is controller driver, what is the driver? Driver is a software component that lets the operating system and a device to communicate with each other. So in order your controller to work make sure your driver on your operating system is working properly, 

How can you know that your Driver is Working..??

So before Continue Let show image which showing Driver system how works,

In order your Device or your Controller to Communicate between Operating System Driver Must Working. In that case Driver is Connector between your Device and Application in Operating System. This communication started when a controller driver and the application working together

Where Driver is located?

If your Windows user click on Taskbar Search box then type (Device Manager) you will see it then Click to Open
 After device manager open connect to your controller on your computer, 

Then you find your controller name or manufacturer name of your controller that could be the name of controller driver.  
 For Example Am using Pioneer Sb3 Driver name of this Controller is SB3

sb3 driver on windows

So that is my driver for my controller and it is working properly that is why there are no any sign to show any error. So if your controller driver name containing an image like  image showing below that  means that your controller driver not working. 

So to see the error right click on controller driver then go to properties here you will see the message telling you the error which causing the problem.  So if you find Message the "device is working properly". That means your controller driver is working properly. But if you find the error message you need to remove that driver and install it again. 

How to remove Driver on Windows

So right click on your control driver then go to an UNISTALL device. If you find two driver make sure you remove all. After that unplug your Device then plug it again.

Some of Controller INSTALLING automatically but some manufacturer may not INSTALL automatically so you need to find that driver on google. But if you're instilling automatically but the error exists also you need to find it on google. So open google search then type the name of your controller add driver at to the end. Let say if your Controller is Pioneer DDJ SB3 type "Pioneer ddj sb3 driver"

After the link open try to find a driver notes then find that shows to download. Click that to download its better to download from Controller Manufacture Website. Download then install in your computer then Open Device Manager again to See if the error Solved. In not Solve try to find help from Manufacture Support.

(ii) Relation Between the Controller/Device and Software. 

So if driver Solved and working Property But still your Controller not working you need to go to another step below; But if Driver not working make sure that you solve that error before continue to this Step.

When am talking Relation Between device and Software i mean that Controller is designed to work with the special version of its software. Example Pioneer  DDJ Sb3 designed to work for Serato DJ Lite 1.0.3 and Above Or  Serato DJ Pro 2.0.1 and Above. So if you want to use Pioneer DDJ SB3  Make sure your using that Version of Software. For More information you can read here Or here

So if you Visit that Site of Serato it is showing hardware supporting serato dj when you connect your controller to your computer, it means that you can work together to serato dj pro. What i mean its that the firmware included in your controller or in your hardware was made for the purpose working together to the vision of that software so if your VERSION of your software and your hardware does not match it means that cannot work together so make sure that your controller or your hardware is supporting or is matching to a dj software. 

So i'm sure up to there connection failure have been solved through this Article. Also you can Watch Below Video for more Detail.

So If you like this Altricial Leave your comment below by telling the error which facing you then i will be back to explain more.

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