UPDATED: Hp Software Framework is not installed in System


How to fix Hp Software Framework is not installed in System

Thanks you for visiting manupearls unity site. To day am going to show how to fix error hp software framework is not installed in the system. So i'm going to show because this problem was facing me for a long time now i get the solution and a simple way to fix this error.

So i was facing this problem when i Open a calculator then if i press escape key from my laptop keyboard this error message appeared. So before  to fix let me explain method which i did before but it didn't helping me. So after reviewing and try to google i found software from hp website you can download here You you can try to install your system but it may not solve the problem. Am sure after install that software that is not what you want i know you want it when you press key so that can do wat you prefer to do. So to solve that you need to restart your laptop or your Computer ready to enter into BIOS MENU SETTINGS to making settings.

How to Enter BIOS Setup in HP Laptop

  • (a) Restart you Compute

  • (b)When Restarted immediately press the ESC key.
  • (C). Press F10 to open the BIOS Setup like shown from the Image below

After entered to bios menu now choose Advanced menu like by pressing Right arrow key shown on image below

Then go to device setting choose device configuration like shown from the image below

After opening Device Configurations make sure fn key switch is unchecked like shown from the image below

After unchecked fn key switch now click save then press esc key from your laptop keyboard to exist from bios menu if ask you to save click save.

After complete that process you computer it must restarted  wait until your Windows Operating System ready to use. So now you can test any key and that message will not happen again. It means you keyboard is ready to use for any function key. so that Hp Software Framework is not installed in System
it will be solved

So that is how you can solve Hp Software Framework is not installed in System. Simple and not completed.

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