Virtual DJ 2021 Pro Infinity 8.5.6613 FULL ACTIVATED - Download for PC Free

Virtual dj 2021 Pro Infinity 8.5.b6613 ACTIVATED

Virtual DJ 2021 is DJ and music software that allows you to create amazing mix tracks. VirtualDJ is used by DJs to replace their turntables and CD players, and use digital music instead of vinyl and CDs. It is compatible with time-coded vinyls that let you scratch your MP3s directly on a real turntable, and with many other DJ equipment, save for each song and large collection of wonderful automatically synchronized effects. The Infinity version has more functionality, let you do new things that were only possible on DJ software, from scratching video clips to producing complex remixes.

Features of  Virtual dj 2021Pro Infinity 8.5.6613

  • Play unlimited number of samples simultaneously
  • Mix while the audience is still listening to the previous song
  • Drag and drop samples directly onto the slots
  • Automatically detect and fill the remix points
  • Jump to the end of the current track with ease
  • Audio components, like pitch-stretching, limiter, equalizers, filters, etc.

Integrated editors

  • AutoMix: it allows you to get ready a sequence of mixes that will be remembered later on, so that when you mix two track and unless you indicate otherwise they'll always enter and exit automatically through the same points.
  • Track Cleaner: it allows you to edit songs, removing lyrics, intros or any other element you consider insignificant for your mix.
  • Video Editor: it allows you to edit text or sound effects to a video. It's obviously conceived for video djing.
  • Sample Editor: it allows you to modify the majority of samples, whether audio, video or images or even combine them.
  • POI Editor: these points of interest are CUE points, AutoMix points, loops and other adjusted to each song.
  • BPM Editor: it allows you to adjust the beat of each song, even allowing you to set different beats within the same track.
  • Tag Editor: thanks to which you can group different songs depending on several criteria and recover them whenever you need to.

How much does Virtual DJ cost?

VirtualDJ Home: it's free. It's conceived for domestic users that don't use it on any professional device.

VirtualDJ LE: for advanced domestic users that connect the program to professional devices such as MIDI controllers. Sold with the controller, so its price depends on the model of the latter.

VirtualDJ Plus: for professionals. Its price ranges between 49 and 249 dollars.

VirtualDJ PRO: it can be purchased by means of a monthly subscription of 19 dollars or a single annual payment of 299. It's also for professional users with the additional advantage of being able to use tailor-made settings and definitions for each controller, being able to broadcast over the Internet to a radio server or use it to store podcasts.

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