In this post I bring you five of the best dj controllers for the year 2022. In this list I have arranged them based on its capabilities as well as its layout based on current technology in the digital world. These controllers are the ones that introduced last year but are still in line with the current market as well and others have been introduced this year. So lets counting together.

Number five is Reloop Buddy 

Reloop Buddy

Buddy is compact performance dj controller for dj app this controller can connect to all platforms IOS, Mac and PC. This compact and powerful two-channel dj controller was designed and developed in close partnership with algorithm for the tightest integration possible with their award-winning dj app. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced dj the Reloop buddy offers you full control over your mixes. Thanks to powerful features including the intuitive pad section consisting of eight performance modes hot cue, auto loop, touch fx, sampler, Slicer bounce, loop, Neural mix, looper dedicated, loop controls a flexible effect section with FX paddles hold and toggle and responsive jog wheels for precise mixing and scratching.

Reloop Buddy

Also the re-loop buddy includes extensive neural mix controls for pad as well as eq mode by using a simple switch on the controller users can instantly turn the eq knobs into dedicated neural mix controls allowing to isolate drums instruments and vocals in real time thus fully exploiting algorithms ai powered technology the re-loop buddy is built from quality durable materials and its space-saving highly portable design makes it perfect for your home setup mobile use and even on-the-go or while traveling.

Number Four is MIXSTREAM PRO


MIXSTREAM PRO standalone dj controller is fully optimized and suited for the present and future of djing setting. New standards and connectivity and music access with its built-in wi-fi The MIXSTREAM PRO can access streaming content virtually anywhere mix stream pro connecting quickly to title Beatport link, Beatsource link, Sound cloud go plus and more to come. The MIXSTREAM PRO grants djs access to millions of songs curated playlists and top charts tracks are analyzed for bpm and key as they are loaded and buffered into the internal memory ensuring uninterrupted playback at every party gig or live stream. On top of its array of connected features the mix stream pro features two USB inputs and one SD card slot for external media drives giving djs optimum versatility when it comes to music selection and curation using the engine dj desktop software djs can quickly and easily export ITUNEES Serato dj, Record box or Tractor libraries and playlists to a USB drive or SD card and then access their music instantly on.


 The MIXSTREAM PRO the intuitive layout and seven high-definition touchscreen allow djs to browse load and play with their music like never before to provide the ultimate mix a full-blown EQ and FX section unleashes the power of the dj and anyone the four built-in effects echo, flinger, delay and phaser are perfectly timed to the beat when they are triggered with the fun interactive toggle switches.

Number Three is Ddj Rev1

Ddj Rev1

Ddj rev1 this is brand new dj controller in 2022 from pioneer dj companythe ddj rev1 matches perfectly with the free serato dj lite software boasting a brand new battle style layout that's easy to use and perfect for playing like a pro the design of this two-channel dj controller emulates a professional dj ms mixer plus plx turntable setup including specialized features for open format and scratch djs get hands-on with an interface designed to emulate 2x plx turntables and a dj ms series mixer the kind of setup used by pro battle djs there's plenty of space to perform mixing and scratching techniques thanks to the new arrangement of the controls on the ddj rev1 the tempo sliders are 60 millimeters longer than those on the ddj sb3 to give you finer control and they run horizontally above the decks while the performance pads have been moved into the mixer section so you can intuitively combine effects trigger samples and scratch your tracks

also ddj rev1 the bigger the jog wheels the better for scratching the jogs on the ddj rev one are the same size as the ones on the ddjs r2 a popular controller that's higher up in our range

Number Two is RANE One


RANE One is a professional motorized dj controller is a complete dj solution designed around Rane's intuitive performance layout. The RANE One carries the trusted quality and RANE One is known for and offers tactile authentic control over your music in a unique space not found by any other controller on the market. The RANE One motorized dj controller takes the high performance features reliability and exceptional quality where trusted for and without compromise combines them into the ultimate motorized dj controller. The RANE One features authentic motorized 7 turntable platters for high performance precision experience the traditional vinyl-like touch with all the creative tools the digital world has to offer with support for leading dj software platforms like serato dj pro, algorithms dj pro, and virtual dj. The RANE One brings a true turntable experience to the portable arena RANE's reputation for high quality sound and extended pro connectivity continues with the one both decks are switchable between two usb laptop connections as well as a line input that's switchable to phono for traditional turntables amplify your music through roddy's audio circuitry to the balanced main and booth XLR outputs and additional RCA main out there are two dual drs slash XRL microphone inputs alongside an auxiliary input giving you up to five sources of audio to mix.

Number One DDJ REV7


The pioneer dj DDJ REV7 is brand new dj controller in 2022. DDJ rev7 professional dj controller is an innovative two-channel unit that enables artists to maximize the full potential of Serato dj pro performance software. Featuring large vinyl zed and motorized jog wheels this controller is designed to create a tactile connection between artists and their music an ideal solution for open format and scratch djs. The DDJ REV7 is the first pioneer dj controller with tempo sliders that sit horizontally on the top of the deck to mirror plex turntables in a battle configuration performance pads and lever FX battles sit in the mixer section to parallel the DJMS series mixer design

when it comes to having complete control over your sets the pioneer dj DDJ REV7 2 deck Serato dj controller makes it easier than ever the DDJ REV7 is solid and robust yet lightweight enough to grab by the handles on the chassis and carry to the next gig. 

So that are five best dj controller in 2022. You think which one is best for you and which one i have left out and you think is the best give your comment below to let me know. 

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